The Big Debate: Television Shows vs. Movies

Watching television shows and movies is one of the best ways to unwind after a relaxing day of work, or to spend quality time with loved ones. There are many people who opt to turn the television on and surf through various movies, sometimes catching up on reruns from their favorite television shows. The two have been main topics in heated debates, as some would prefer the former over the latter and vice versa. While there’s something about movies that have people appreciate what they watch, there are also television shows that have people hooked to the stories as well. So what’s the better evil: Movies or television shows?


Here are the pros and cons of watching movies and television shows. See for yourself and be the judge of who wins the debate!

Pros of Watching Movies

  1. You can choose to watch it in the comforts of your own home, or in a cold and nice cinema .
  2. There is more budget put into a movie, meaning more special and visual effects.

Cons of Watching Movies

  1. You will have to wait long before a sequel comes out – If it even does come!
  2. Having to sit through a whole movie can get a bit painful

Pros of Watching Television Shows

  1. It is like a long movie, you get to follow the lives of characters and how they progress through each episode.
  2. There is always a new episode coming up, so you won’t need to rewatch and use your imagination to know what happens after the show.
  3. You won’t need to go all the way to a cinema to watch your television show, as it’s right in the comforts of your own home
  4. You have more variety in what television show you want to watch, as there are different genres with even more stories under them.

Cons of Watching Television Shows

  1. Watching the same stars again and again can get boring
  2. You will have to wait for the next show after a week, and cliffhangers suck! Sometimes the schedule interferes with yours, so you will have to wait until you can watch reruns, or not be able to follow the next story.
  3. Having to sit through commercial breaks.

The simple answer? It all depends on the person! Doesn’t matter which people prefer, since both industries are actually making pretty good profit from what they do, so long as they produce it in good quality.

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