How Trampoline Springs Help with Safety Measures

Trampoline springs actually help in providing safety measures for the trampoline users. This fact is often overlooked by a lot of people because they cannot easily observe the function of the springs while people are jumping up and down on the trampoline. The science of energy transfer actually works its wonders in order to ensure safety for trampoline users.


If you check out, you will easily notice that trampoline springs that have slower energy transfer receive high ratings from consumers. This is because when energy transfer is a bit slower, the body of the user can give and receive energy in small amounts resulting to short yet consistent jumps. These jumps are much safer compared to trampolines that have very long springs which also translates to quick energy transfer resulting to a bounce that is more prone to injuries.

Aside from the length of the springs being used in trampolines, the quality of the coiled wires is also crucial towards the safety of the toy in general. Spring that are made of top quality material are believed to be durable. They are able to stand the weight and pressure being put on them better than springs that are of lesser quality. This property is very important because users are assured that the spring underneath the trampoline do not deform even with regular use. Because once a spring or any part of the coil gets deformed then this could result to a different bouncing direction for users that could lead to awkward landings and even falls.

The standard length of trampoline springs should be at least 7 up to 10 inches. Any spring shorter than the standard length should be avoided because there would short bounce and jumps can be enjoyed out of these trampolines. On the other hand, trampoline spring longer than 10 inches can also be more dangerous for users since it can produce a stronger bounce that could sometimes be uncontrollable for users.

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