Water Softeners and the Specifics of the Softening Process

There are several water softeners available, and many of these make use of different mechanisms in order to effectively soften water. Conceptually, the concepts are pretty much similar, and that the softening process has mainly to do with the removal of the elements which make water hard, specifically, Calcium and Magnesium Ions. WaterSoftenerGuide.com has listed the means through which the water softening process is done.


Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange is one of these, and it works through a series of physical and chemical process which helps to filter the water through a medium of exchange, which could either be zeolite or resin. No matter which of these materials are utilized, they make use of positively charged sodium ions, and induces an ion exchange. Instead of having calcium and magnesium ions coming from water, through the Ion Exchange, sodium ions are now in the water, hence making it “soft”.


The next phase which takes place in the water softening process includes the regeneration, which is the replenishing of the zeolite or resin which is used in the apparatus. In this process, a salt solution is flushed into the system, while the ions of the calcium and magnesium extracted from the water is also removed. This process then effectively replenishes the supply of sodium ions, allowing the ion exchange to still continue. Regeneration could either be done manually or automatically. While there are many models, which are featured on various sites, these models, in one way or another, exhibit similar mechanisms.

Effective Filtering

Some models of water softeners, on the other hand, are also capable of going beyond merely softening of water, as some are also capable of filtering out impurities as well. A lot of these models are available on Amazon, with prices depending up on the features and brand.

Now that we know the process of water softening, it is important to note that maintenance on a regular basis would most definitely contribute to the over-all performance of the water softener. If you find it difficult to maintain yourself, then you could always contact maintenance personnel from service centres of the brands of the Best Water Softener you have bought. Moreover, to prevent the softeners from over-working or underperforming, it’s best to choose one which fits your needs. Make it a point to evaluate and assess the water usage you have in your home before choosing the water softener for your household.